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Lifespan Family Services of PA, is a 501C3, non profit charitable organization currently providing services as  a Pennsylvania licensed foster care and adoption agency.   Lifespan has served hundreds of children and families in the central and western PA area.   Lifespan has an office at the DuBois Mall and in Punxsutawney.   They are also a SWAN- (Statewide Adoption Network), affiliate and can provide all SWAN and other adoption services.   Lifespan trains, compensates and supports foster parents from throughout our area.  If you are interested in becoming a foster or adoptive parent, please call or drop by their offices.   They also accept cash and other donations to support the children in their care.  Lifespan was founded by DuBois native, Patrick Shea, who graduated in 1984 from DAHS.  They currently employ 20 people from the DuBois and Jefferson County area.

Lifespan receives children that have been removed from their home of origin due to physical or sexual abuse, neglect, extreme truancy and sometimes from the death of their parents.   Lately heroin has greatly increased the need for foster parents as the parent’s addiction brings about the need for the kids to be removed from the home.   If these children remain in foster care long enough, their parental rights are usually terminated and the children become available for adoption.  Many foster parents are offered the opportunity to adopt sooner or later, but the goal of foster care is to heal the home issues and return the kids as soon as it is safe to do so.   Feel free to call or drop by with any questions, 814-375-1314.