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February 2018

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for every racial and ethnic group in the United States. Fortunately, residents in the region have access to the best heart care close to home at The Heart Center of Penn Highlands Healthcare. To ensure the communities we serve have access to the best cardiac care, all four  Penn Highlands hospitals provide diagnostic stress tests, Holter monitoring and preventive medical care to those at risk for heart disease. At Penn Highlands DuBois, the care can get even more focused. Since 2001, thousands of residents of our region have chosen The Heart Center for its full spectrum of 24-hour cardiac services ranging from diagnostics to open-heart surgery to rehabilitation.

Located on the fourth and fifth floors of Penn Highlands DuBois West, The Heart Center program has expanded recently with the addition of Dr. Louis Russo, board-certified cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, to the staff with Dr. Raj Kaushik, also board-certified in cardiovascular and thoracic surgery and Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery at The Heart Center. Both are university-trained cardiac surgeons.
At The Heart Center, cardiothoracic surgeons have access to specialized operating rooms surgeons use to perform by-pass surgery, valve and aneurysm repair and other procedures. Both before and after surgery, patients receive care in a specialized Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit.

There is also the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory at Penn Highlands DuBois which performs over 2,500 procedures annually. It provides a full range of diagnostic and interventional cardiac procedures for the evaluation and treatment of patients with known or suspected heart disease. The Cath Lab uses state-of-the-art low radiation, high-resolution digital equipment to maximize patient safety and image quality
But the care doesn’t end when a patient goes home. Following surgery or illness, Cardiac Rehabilitation Services at any Penn Highlands hospital will get patients back to their daily lifestyle, and patients can get help with lifestyle changes by visiting the Cardiac Support Group held monthly in DuBois.