How to Use the American Factfinder web site:

On the left side of the main page, click on American Factfinder.
When the American Factfinder page comes up, click on Search.
Click on the Geography tab.
Select Show more selection methods and geographic types.
You are on the Advanced Geography Search page.
Select a Year and Program: Census 2000
Search for: Select the area.
County Subdivision (Boroughs, Cities, Townships)
School Districts
Voting Districts
3-Digit ZIP Code
Example > 5-Digit ZIP Code
Select a state—Example>Pennsylvania
The next screen includes Select a County—Example> Clearfield
Search for: Scroll down to 5-Digit ZIP Code Tabulation Area.
Select a 3-Digit ZCTA. Example> 158 3-Digit ZIP Code Tabulation Area
Select a geography and click ‘OK’ to view the list of tables of statistics Example> 15801 5-Digit ZCTA
(If you select ‘Map It,’ a map will come up.)
A small screen will pop up with rotating blue arrows and say Getting data…
When the pop up screen disappears, scroll down to Search results for 5-Digit ZCTA
to see the listing for tables and click on table(s) that you want to view.

Return to the main Demographics page.