• Certified Nursing Assistant

    Posted: 04/05/2021

    The Certified Nursing Assistant is responsible for providing direct care to the residents. Such care must be delivered in accordance with current federal, state, and local standards, guidelines and regulations that govern our facility. And as may be required by the Director of Nursing Services designee.
    Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

    • Observes residents and notes physical and emotional conditions. Reports any changes or unusual findings to LPN or RN supervisor.
    • Provides direct personal care for the residents including, but not limited to the following:
      • Toilets, changes and cleans assigned residents several times daily. Provides and disposes of contents of bedpans, provides appropriate care for catheter patients, follows bowel and bladder training programs and keeps incontinent residents clean and dry.
      • Feeds and/or assists residents with feeding and hydration. Serves nourishments such as juice, crackers or supplements as required. Must be aware of the nutritional needs, food and fluid intake of residents and be able to assist promptly in the feeding of residents.
      • Bathes and/or assists residents with bathing.
      • Dresses and/or assists residents with dressing in an appropriate and comfortable manner.
      • Brushes and/or assists residents with brushing teeth, oral hygiene, dental and denture care.
      • Provides proper care to prevent skin breakdown.
      • Performs other personal hygiene requirements for the residents such as combing and brushing hair, cleaning and trimming fingernails, shaving and so forth.
      • Checks assigned residents a minimum of six times daily, follows the resident’s care plan and provides appropriate care.
      • Answers call lights promptly and provides appropriate care.
    • Provides functional and restorative care for residents including but not limited to the following:
      • Transfers, transports and/or assists residents throughout the work shift.
      • Ambulates, positions, re-positions (at least every two hours) and dangles residents with assistance, throughout the work shift.
      • Uses appropriate methods, safety procedures and devices (lifts, wheelchairs, geri-chairs, walkers and so forth) when repositioning, transferring or transporting residents.
      • Exercises and/or assists residents with prescribed physical therapy programs and restorative nursing procedures using proper safety procedures and body mechanics.
      • Applies braces and/or special equipment as required.
    • Performs all required documentation in a legible, accurate and timely manner
    • Uses aseptic techniques in all resident care in order to prevent the spread of disease and infection and wears protective clothing and devices when required and/or appropriate.
    • Performs all duties in a safe manner using proper body mechanics and seeks assistance as required by policy.
    • Performs and/or assists with basic nursing procedures, such as taking and noting vital signs, collecting specimens and other nursing procedures.
    • Maintains resident rights regarding confidentiality, dignity, privacy and all other aspects of the Resident Bill of Rights.
    • Requests appropriate supplies for resident care and follows proper procedures for cost reimbursement.
    • Prepares residents for tests, x-rays, therapy programs and physician visits as assigned.
    • Maintains and cleans equipment, materials, utensils, rooms and closets following infection control policies and procedures. Changes bed linens and handles linens and clothing according to policies and procedures.
    • Displays a positive, pleasant and cooperative attitude with residents, families and supervisory staff.
    • Attends all in-service training sessions as required. A minimum of twelve (12) hours of in-service education is required annually.
    • Adheres to all Christ the King Manor regulations, policies and procedures, particularly those regarding safety and confidentiality.
    • Must possess a valid Nursing Assistance Certification in the state of PA
    • Must maintain a minimum of twelve (12) hours of in-service education is required annually.
    Christ the King Manor is an Equal Opportunity Employer and a leader in providing senior care to residents in Clearfield and Jefferson Counties

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