• 3rd Person Classroom Assistant

    3RD Person Classroom Assistant
    The following position is available for the 2020 - 2021 school year.
    Location and Hours
    DuBois, PA
    Hours: 5 hours a day
    5 days a week Monday - Friday
    This position is for the school year, 34 weeks total.
    General Description of Duties
    The classroom assistant is responsible to assist the teacher with the implementation of child
    activities, room set-up and other essential functions to ensure an efficiently- run successful and
    safe classroom environment while meeting program regulations.
    1. High School diploma or G.E.D.(classroom assistants acting as 3rd person in classroom)
    2. Classroom assistants acting as a third person in the classroom are encouraged to obtain the CDA
    credential for Preschool when offered.
    3. A working phone in your home
    Applicant should possess:the FBI fingerprint, State Police Criminal Background check, and Child
    Abuse History check before hiring. Please see links below:
    - PA Criminal Record (State Police)- https://epatch.state.pa.us
    - Child Abuse History Check- www.compass.state.pa.us/cwis
    Physical Abilities
    1. Reach overhead.
    2. Lift and carry objects over fifty (50) pounds.
    3. Bend to a childs level and retrieve items from the floor.
    4. Stand for extended periods of time with reasonable breaks.
    5. Sit at child size tables.
    6. Participate in gross motor activities.
    7. Walk and stand for periods of over one hour.
    8. Hold children on their lap.
    9. Climb stairs.
    10. Operate kitchen appliances.
    11. Stoop to move objects.
    12. Use sweeper and other cleaning apparatus (push and pull).
    13. Sit on the floor for over thirty minutes.
    14. Vision and hearing within normal limits.
    15. Hand wash and rinse dishes using chemical disinfectants.
    16. Clean various surfaces using chemical disinfectants.
    If interested submit resume to resume@cenclear.org.

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