• Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services Director

    Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services Director
    The Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services (PRS) Program Director will lead the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services division both supportive and administrative in providing the highest quality services possible to the consumers we serve while adhering
    to state and funding source guidelines.
    Elk, Cameron, or Potter County, PA
    General Description
    Psychiatric rehabilitation services (PRS) incorporate principles of recovery and wellness, community support, person-centered care, and active involvement of individuals and families in the behavioral health system and services. Psychiatric Rehabilitation promotes recovery, full community integration and improved quality of life for persons who have
    been diagnosed with any mental health condition that seriously impairs their ability to lead meaningful lives. Psychiatric rehabilitation services are collaborative, person-directed and individualized. These services are an essential element of the health care and human
    services spectrum, and are evidence-based. They focus on helping individuals develop skills and access resources needed to increase their capacity to be successful and satisfied in the living, working, learning, and social environments of their choice.
    A mobile psychiatric rehabilitation worker shall have one of the following:
    · A bachelor's degree and Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner (CPRP)
    certification. OR,
    · A bachelor's degree and at least 3 years work experience in mental health direct
    service, 2 years of which must be work experience in PRS and CPRP certification shall be attained within 2 years of hire as PRS director, OR
    · An associate of arts degree and CPRP certification if employed as the PRS director of a licensed PRS facility for at least 6 months immediately prior to May 11, 2013.
    This position will requirethe following Clearances:
    · PA Criminal Record (State Police), https://epatch.state.pa.us,
    · Child Abuse History Check, www.compass.state.pa.us/cwis
    · FBI Clearance, https://uenroll.identogo.com/,
    · Mandated Reporting Certificate, www.reportabusepa.pitt.edu.
    Specific Description of Duties
    · Monitor and maintain expected productivity of all staff
    · Motivate PRS Staff to meet expected productivity of units
    · Maintain staff morale and staff retention
    · Establish work plans and priorities for staff as needed, assess the progress of staff, and
    take corrective action if needed
    · A promote compliance with all program performance standards related to the Managed Care Company and PA DPW
    · Provide leadership for staff including team building and performance motivation
    · Oversee client caseloads of all staff
    · Prepare monthly and annual board reports
    · Monitor delivery of services per funding stream and requirements for each
    · Determine/project needs of the program to develop a more efficient program
    · Establish and implement policies an procedures to promote health and safety of all involved
    · Assist and respond to the delivery of identified strategic PRS goals
    · Collaborates with the leadership team regarding opportunities for PRS program throughDirector of Mental Health
    · Monitor all documentation to ensure that quality standards are met
    · Approve documentation in the EHR that meets acceptable standards
    · Ask for corrections for staff when documentation does not meet standards and follow up for corrections with staff in a timely manner
    Physical Abilities:
    · Ability to reach over head.
    · Lift and carry objects over thirty (30) pounds.
    · Bend to reach objects from the floor.
    · Stand for extended period of time with reasonable breaks.
    · Operate office machines.
    · Sit for extended period of time with reasonable breaks.
    · Vision and hearing within normal limits
    - Full-time employees are eligible for health insurance, life insurance, 401(k), Short
    Term Disability, and paid time off.
    Please send resume to resume@cenclear.org.

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