• Area Development

  • The industries in our Tri County area are so diverse, that it would be impossible for us to get through one day without using some object that is manufactured here.

    We spread Beaver Meadow Creamery butter on our morning toast.  We drive to work on roads paved by Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc. or M and B Services, LLC, cut our grass with lawn mowers whose parts are made at Atlas Pressed Metals. We relax with a glass of wine from Laurel Mountain Winery, Two Birch Winery, or Winery at Wilcox. Your beer may be in a glass bottle made at Owens-Illinois in Brockway. You may use other products that were produced in our region. Many of our manufacturers ship their products to other states and to countries around the world.

    To get those products to market, there is a network of interstate and state highways, rail freight and air freight. An intermodal truck/rail facility is located near I-80 Exit 97 and Route 219 and our area is one of the few that has industrial properties with access to rail sidings. The Foreign Trade Zone #254 at the DuBois Regional Airport enables manufacturers to benefit from reduced, deferred, or duty-free tariff on imported goods used in their products.