• Business Resources FAQ

  • How do I start a business? How do I grow my business? How do I start a business? How do I grow my business?

    Clarion University’s Small Business Development Center is our region’s most comprehensive resource to start your business. Beginning with Clarion University SBDC’s First Steps workshop to review the basics, you will receive guidance to draft a business plan and set up your business. The consultant will meet with clients here at our chamber office by appointment or at the location of your choice. Meetings with SBDC representatives are private and confidential. Small Business Development Centers—Helping Businesses Start, Grow and Prosper.

    Ben Franklin Technology Partners – For more than 31 years, BFTP has provided both early-stage, technology-based firms and established manufacturers with funding, business and technical expertise, and access to a network of innovative, expert resources.

    Pennsylvania’s Business One-Stop shop – Welcome to your guide to doing business in Pennsylvania! Thinking of starting your own business, expanding your company, or moving your company to Pennsylvania? This site will provide useful information to help you.

    SCORE - Service Core of Retired Executives offers free expert advice for small business owners or those thinking of starting a business. You can schedule a consultation with a SCORE consultant to meet with you at our chamber office. Their web site is a valuable resource. Meetings with SCORE representatives are private and confidential.

    Small Business Administration - The U.S. Small Business Administration provides resources for starting a business, managing a business, financing, business law & regulations, marketing and more.  The SBA's Office of Advocacy offers a research tool for small business researchers and policymakers on its page for Small Business Data Resources.

    Do you have financing for businesses? Do you have financing for businesses?

    Clearly Ahead Development offers many funding opportunities on the local, state and federal levels. The Clearfield County Industrial Development Authority Revolving Loan Fund’s purpose is to respond to the need for supplemental source of financing to support industrial and commercial investment within the county of Clearfield. Revolving Loan Funds can be used for acquisition of land and buildings, new construction, rehabilitation, machinery and equipment, and working capital.

    DuBois Area Economic Development Corporation Revolving Loan Fund - The DuBois Area Economic Development Corporation (DAEDC) provides low-interest loans to stimulate job retention and/or creation in the Greater DuBois Area, working independently or in partnership with other agency sources, such as the DuBois Redevelopment Authority, North Central Planning, and Clearly Ahead Development. Eligible projects generally encompass land acquisition, building construction, machinery and equipment purchase or working capital needs. The DAEDC will not refinance existing debts of assets previously acquired.

    Jefferson County Development Council Revolving Loan Program has been created in response to address the need for a supplemental source of financing in support of industrial investment in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania. Proceeds from the Revolving Loan Program can be used for the acquisition of land and buildings, new construction, rehabilitation, machinery and equipment, and working capital. Loan proceeds may not be used to refinance existing debt.

    North Central Planning’s Loan Program is to support economic growth by providing low-interest financing to small businesses in the six-county region that will result in the creation of jobs. As an economic development lender, our programs are not intended to compete with banks or replace conventional financing, but are designed to leverage private financing and fill the gap when bank financing and equity are not able to completely finance a business project. – This regional office can assist you with business loans, grant opportunities, guidance for import/export marketing, and more.

    SDF EZ - The Enterprise Zone in designated areas of Sandy Township, DuBois, and Falls Creek offers a loan funding program for businesses.  Funds may be used to acquire machinery & equipment, building improvements, new building construction, site improvements, infrastructure.  SDF EZ Program Brochure Contact Mathew J. Smith at 814.371.4220 or msmith@sandytownship.net.

    What government regulations do I need to know about? What government regulations do I need to know about?

    Pennsylvania’s Business Web Site is a comprehensive resource that provides information on state licenses and permits, tax regulations, legal and accounting issues, business types, forms, and the Entrepreneur’s Guide.

    Pennsylvania's OSHA Consultation Program - The program is designed to assist private-sector employers in the commonwealth in understanding and voluntarily complying with applicable safety/health regulations enforced by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

    EMAP – Environmental Management Assistance Program (EMAP) consultants will help you understand and comply with regulatory requirements and help you make your operation more efficient and cost effective. Consultants provide free and confidential environmental compliance assistance to small businesses in Pennsylvania.

    Government Contractor Registration – Are you ready to sell to the government? Federal, State, and local governments purchase all manner of goods and services. For information go to www.fedmarket.com; for registration go to Central Contractor Registration.

    PennTAP – The Pennsylvania Technical Assistance Program (PennTAP) at Penn State is a federal, state, and University partnership to stimulate statewide economic development. PennTAP helps organizations maximize their competitiveness through in-person consultations, unbiased technical advice, and connections to Penn State experts, resources, and programs.

    United States Patent and Trademark Office – Information on obtaining patents and registering trademarks, plus additional business guidance.

    Where can I locate my business? Where can I locate my business?

    The following organizations and businesses have lists of available commercial and industrial properties:

    Clearly Ahead Development www.clearlyahead.com
    Coldwell Banker Developac Realty www.developac.com
    DuBois Mall www.duboismallpa.com
    DuBois Regional Airport www.duboisairport.com
    Green Dot, Inc. Phone: 814.371.3222
    J. C. BAR Properties, Inc. www.jcbarprop.com
    Jefferson County Development Council www.jeffersoncountydevelopment.com
    Kohlhepp Real Estate Investment Trust, Ltd. dkohlhe1@jhu.edu
    Marty Belella, Commercial Rental Properties mbelella@comcast.net
    North Central Planning www.ncentral.com
    PA SiteSearch www.pasitesearch.com